Why Choose Us?

At Grassmats USA, we have grassmats that can be used for all types of necessities! One of the primary uses is playground safety mats, which allow grass to grow through the mats, in order to provide maximum protection for children on the playgrounds.

In addition, we have mats that can be used for anti-fatigue , health, and wellness, which can be used in either the gym or as entrance mats. To add to that, we also have public safety and pathways mats, which can be used in parks, as doorways, in residential areas, or almost anywhere else you would need these mats.

Lastly, these mats can also be used for many additional uses, such as equestrian mats, eco mats, RV mats, and many more! The list goes on and on.


GRASSMATS USA (864) 276•5557

Grassmats-USA is now a sponsor member of The National Association of Park Foundations

For more information about the association, visit http://www.the-napf.org

Sarah Goretski - St. Peter's Lutheran School

"If every sales rep I made contact with on this playground was even half as responsive as you have been the project would have gone much more smoothly!"

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