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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are Grassmats?
A multi-functional engineered rubber safety surface mat with fall protection certification and ground protection qualities. Made from 30% recycled rubber.
2What is your experience with Grassmats and how did you get started?
We have been in the turf equipment sales business for over 10 years, selling specialty equipment to help maintain golf and sports fields. Grassmats UK asked us to help distribute the mats here in the USA. Grassmats have been sold with great success in the UK for 13 years. Approximately 36,000 mats are sold each year by Grassmats LLP and approximately 100,000 with other companies offering the same product. We have only been selling to the U.S. Market since 2015. Grassmats have received all the test certifications applicable to the U.S. market.
3What are some applications for Grassmats?
There are many applications for Grassmats including: Playground safety surfacing (and ground wear prevention), path and trackway surfacing including disabled access as slipway mats, as entrance mats, as temporary event pathways / flooring, as anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats behind catering outlets and bars, as awning mats for motorhomes / caravans, and as snow mats.
4Have Grassmats been tested?
Our mats have been tested and received a critical fall height in excess of 3m (10ft) and a HIC value of only 550 when tested from 3m.
5Should Grassmats always be installed over grass?
Not necessarily. They can be laid on a variety of surfaces from concrete to snow to provide a compliant safe surface. Note that fall height protection varies with the underlying surface. For instance mats laid on tarmac would only have a fall height rating for 1M (3.3 ft) not 3M (10ft). You can also double layer the mats, although not tested over concrete to give you further protection.
6What kind of grass can they be installed on?
Bermuda is the most common, but they can be installed effectively on any type of grass. It is best to cut grass as short as possible before installation as this assists with rapid grow through and meshing of the mat into the sward. Mats can’t be lifted and relayed if needed for particularly thick sward grass types. This keeps the mat nearer the surface.
7Can they be installed on sand?
Yes, regular lifting may be required to keep the mats on the surface if the sand is soft and is not contained to prevent migration, but they have been used for beach access ways. Double layering of the mats is another solution, or the underlying mesh and the Grassmats over the top.
8Can they be installed on mulch?
Yes, but pegging in is not possible. Mats tied together tend to stay in place due to the weight of the mats. Use Zip (cable) ties to join multiple mats together.
9Can they be installed on dirt?
Yes, lifting and relaying mat be required if surface is fine and loose. Use underlying mesh to help prevent this if required.
10Is this product wheelchair accessible?
Yes, Grassmats meets ADA standards. Copies of Certificates are available upon request.
11What’s the warranty?
5 years against faulty manufacturer
12Can they be shaped/formed to curved area?
Yes, use a box knife to shape Grassmats. Many customers on boats cut the mats to fit.
13Do you have an average cost/sq ft?
Retail price of $59 gives a price of $3.58 per square foot. Discounts available for pallet load orders.
14What size are the Grassmats?
5ft x 3.3ft and are 0.9″ thick
15Are the mats recycled?
Grassmats are made from 30% recycled rubber.
16Are Grassmats available in other colors?
No, they come in Black only.

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