Public Safety Floor Mats by Grassmats

Using Grassmats as public safety floor mats are perfect for doorways to shops, warehouses or residential properties. The honeycomb-like pattern eradicate any excessive trip hazards and the hollow construction allows for easy cleaning and great drainage. In the workplace these can be used in situations where an operative may be stood in the same location for long periods of time due to their anti-fatigue properties.

Your industry needs to be the safest place possible for your workers, which is why we’ve got a great range of industrial mats including anti-fatigue & general warehouse flooring, all at great prices!

30% Recycled – Rubber Grassmats® Covering 5ft x 3.3ft and made from 30% recycled rubber, GRASSMATS offer the ultimate in multipurpose matting. 

Complies with ASTM F1292 Impact Attenuation of Playground Surfacing Materials.

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Public Safety Floor Mats

James Gordy and his team at Cartersville Parks Dept., in GA were faced with an all too familiar scenario of narrow access points taking heavy wear. They decided to try GRASSMATS to see if they would help maintain the natural look of turf whilst reducing ugly wear areas. Their GRASSMAT experience is set out below…

Cartersville Parks Dept Soccer entryway #1 before installing GRASSMATS
Cartersville Parks Dept Soccer  - Grassmat laid in postion ready to be cut in and laid
Cartersville Parks Dept Soccer #2 Grassmats installed new seed showing strong green growth
Grow Grass with Grassmats

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